A Baghdad Artist - Vian Sora

Location: Changing

Vian Sora Iraq artist, living, experiencing, painting

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Abstract and images - placing emotions and representations, one of inward views and the other from perspective, into color within context and shapes. Describing passion through hues, showing love and simplicity, hatred and complexity all within the canvas. Lines of sharp edges depicting contrast found in life to blended clouds displaying the mixture of existence. Expressive and vibrant, yet confronted by painful moments, the delicate balance within Iraq, breathing then calamity, captured momentarily. Seeking moments of normality, mixed and jaded by reality, repressing a jaundiced view. And, similar to abstraction, the possibilities endless.

Composition II

Burning Impulse


Philosophy of the Code


Words of Beauty



Saturday, February 25, 2006

Horses - the indomitable beasts from ancient times, carrying legends on their backs, bringing revolutions with their gallop. All the while, poised, elegant, strong with an effusive personality. Free, as they run through time and space, never looking back, one with history. Ever so attractive, horses embody the divinely inspired surrounding all of humanity.


Sands of Passion

Pendulum of Desires


Dancing Tale


Wild, Free

Spiriting One

Women are constantly challenged in this new Iraq. Awaiting their moment of peace, struggling to raise children while nurturing a family, maintaining a pulse within a war torn country, all of this and more strains the essence of feminity, quells the aspirations for civil rights and leaves hope suspended. And in this land, life continues against the greatest of odds. Simply, these paintings delicately touch the image of women within a frontier of unknown limits and unknown ends.

Fortune Teller



Woman In Time

Lady of Endurance

Bathed In Moonlight

As They Await